LW Pump & Pout …. yes please!!

lw add

Lets face it we all love a fuller lip and I love LW tanning products so i was super excited to try this Pump & Pout from Lauren’s Way.

I didnt use any lip liner when i took the pictures of this as i didnt want to distort the colour to show you.  You can imagine if i did use a lipliner it would have had a even better effect.

So the instructions say 1-2 drops into the lipgloss and mix for 20 seconds leave for 10 seconds and add more drops for fuller pout. As they say themselves ‘the more you Pump, the more you Pout!’

This picture is just the gloss with any plumping drops added.  I really like the nude colour.

lw before

This picture is with the plumping drops (only 2) added.

lw after

Now i did find it did sting a little but no pain no gain lol but i did see a huge difference in my lips much more fuller.

Available in Clear, Nude/Pink & Raspberry from http://www.laurensway.com

No trickery here or extra pouting by me …….. Kendall Jenner watch out xoxo


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