Its all about the Aloe ……

I had the pleasure of trying out the products available from Sharon Mullins at Forever Living Products Ireland Ltd.  As i have mentioned many times before my skin is so sensitive i have to be so careful what i use so i was delighted to see these are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Not to mention all natural.

My favorite products from the Skincare range are in pictures below.

First Picture …. Toothpaste.  This has a really minty flavor not too over powering and also helps to naturally whiten your teeth.  So gentle your kids can use it!! (7.53euro)

Second Picture …. Serum…. Have to say i love how this drys in so quickly and smells like roses.  Great for under your make up as it doesn’t leave a shiny residue.  This will last ages as you only need a very small amount. (44.74euro)

Toner …. Very refreshing on the face and compliments the Serum well. (36.01euro)

Exfoliating Wash….. Really loved this, the micro-beads really felt like your face was being exfoliated. (27.01euro)

Third Picture…Hand & Face Soap….  This is a fantastic product great for the shower and such a large bottle again will last ages.  Also kids can use this too so gentle on the skin. (14.24euro)

Fourth Picture…. Mask Powder…. This was just fantastic!!!  I used this on my mom too and she liked it so much she also purchased it too.

You need to buy the activator with it but you only need a tea spoon of each to mix up and make a mask.  You leave it on for half an hour and it really feels tight on your face after about 10mins but the results afterwards are fantastic.  My face felt so soft and i could notice a slight difference in crows feet around my eyes. I have only used this twice so i can imagine how much better my skin will be after regular use. (19.20&13.48euro)

The Forever Living BB Cream (37.56euro) amazed me to be honest.  The coverage is unbelievable and so natural looking.  It didn’t leave my face shiny which i find most BB Creams can.  This is perfect for your holidays as it has a SPF 20 in it.  This is going to be my go to make up product now and especially more so now baby is almost due….. time is precious xoxo


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