Love the Simplicity of it ……..

So i purchased the Gimme Brow & They’re Real! push-up liner from Benefit this week.

Firstly ill start with the Gimme Brow.

We all want that fuller eyebrow and the simplicity of doing them quick especially if your a mom on the go like me.  I really like this product so simple to use and stays put all day.  It even is waterproof and after bring my 4 year old swimming i can honestly say i still had eyebrows when i left the swimming pool lol.

Here’s my before picture……

and here’s the after……

You can add much more is you like for the more dramatic look but for me i prefer the less is more look.

Next i used the They’re Real! push-up liner.

Always been a big fan of eyeliner and would be lost without my little pots of liquid eyeliner.  Mostly they take time and precision but this one is so so simple to you use and gives a perfect line in one clean swoop.  Again like the Gimme Brow this is waterproof and stays put all day.  I really love this product probably my favorite product i have bought this year.

Here’s yours truly with one application of the liner….

That took like a second unreal!!  Again as i said with the Gimme Brow you can add as much as you like for the more dramatic look.

Hope you enjoy the review xoxo

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