An evening at NUIG with Suzanne Jackson giving a Beauty & Blogging Seminar 

As a Blogger of course i was excited to hear that So Sue Me herself was coming to Galway and i hot trotted off to buy myself and my friend a ticket.  Unfortunately the tickets had been given back and was told to purchase on the door.  With that i tweeted So Sue Me just to check if we could purchase on the door and to my surprise she replied that we could!

This is me and my Friend Paula from Little Pea Juices waiting patiently in a very long queue (by the way you have to get these… especially the cleanse one she does so good for weight loss and health) .

So after about 40 mins we get to the top only to be told we cant go in as they are full 😦  Totally disappointed as only 4 girls that didnt have tickets.  I just mentioned to the guy on the door that i had tweeted her and she said we could but to no avail.  Off we walked and just as we were leaving heard a girl calling us saying we could come in that Suzanne said we could 🙂  Happy out we walked back and Suzanne was standing there very nicely said hello and even stood for a picture for me.  Really nice of her.

She spoke about her career leading up to blogging and her life as a successful blogger.  I really felt she spoke from a genuine place and such a likable girl.  She opened the floor to questions and even though she was in a hurry to get back to Dublin that night for an early flight to London she waited for everyone to have there questions and didnt rush anyone.

Some of the questions asked…. what are her favorite products, tan etc…….  

Nice to hear her say she liked the Kinvara Serum (from Galway of course).  I have tried their products and love the Rosehip Face Serum.  Check them out on

She also mentioned she liked the Lauren’s Way Tan so i can wait to order this and try in out.  This is of course the Tan from Lauren who was on The Only Way is Essex.

Also Crown Make up brushes for which she is the ambassador for.  Heard great things about these brushes and especially the shampoo for washing your brushes…. Check them out Ladies.

So as the evening finished myself and my friend were talking about how nice she was and really enjoy it. I tweeted her to thank her for leaving us in and so nice i got tweet back!

As a fellow blogger and someone who also loves what she does also.  Couldn’t wait to purchase her Second Book in Easons Galway yesterday and i have just started to read it (in between my 4 year old looking for me to make princess castles and fix the playdoh thats gone hard lol).

So the key to success really is being Genuine and its nice to see it has worked for Suzanne xoxo


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