My Favorite Make up Pieces 

Hi ladies … so we all have lots of Make up bits and boobs we buy and we think ……  oooohhhh i really like that……. and after about a week or so we are totally over it!   I’m very much the same when it comes to products.  So i thought id do a little BLOG on my favorite bits.

My 1st is my favorite WAKE ME UP Concealer by Rimmel.  This is just brilliant and great for just popping under the eyes with a bit of blusher in my hurry to bring my daughter to school.   Normally i find with Concealers well especially under eye ones is that if they are not worn with a foundation can look cloggy but this one doesn’t.  

I also wear this with my foundation and my next favorite product is the new Rimmel LASTING FINISH FOUNDATION.   Really great coverage and again not cloggy and feels fresh on the skin.  I would sometimes have dry skin and foundation can look terrible when put on but since using this i haven’t had dry skin once.  A little bit goes along way with this.

If i am going somewhere or have a bit more time to do my make up i will use the POREfessional by Benefit.  We all have some pores or fine lines that we want to conceal and this translucent and oil free Primer is perfect.  I just put a small pea size amount on the areas and then put on my foundation.  Feels so soft on your skin and really makes your make up flawless.

Ok so i am a big highlighter fan and i have two that are my favorite at the moment.  First is the Instant Glow Shimmer Brick by Seventeen.  This is my more everyday one.  I will just brush some on my cheeks after adding a blush and if you rub your finger along the top highlight strip and dab a little on my eye lids gives a quick and super way to finish your make up look in no time at all.

My 2nd favorite is Young Blood Highlighter in the Champagne.  This i keep for night time or good wear as i call it.  Just a dab of the fingers and i will put some under my eyebrows and on the tops of my cheekbones.  This really does gave an ultra special look to your foundation i just love it!!!

Hope you enjoy my review of Favorite Make up Pieces…. until next time xoxo

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