Its All About The Hair !!!

I love the month of January to focus on my Skin & Hair.  With being totally over the sales and waiting on the new Spring Stock to arrive its a great time of year to focus on yourself.  Hey it is called *itsallaboutme* for a reason … lol

So my hair has become really dry and unfortunately had started to break after my last set of Highlights (oh to have naturally blonde hair!) not fully sure what happened but maybe after living in California the past year and it constantly in the sun it may have just become over dry.  Anyways i read about the Viviscal Products and couldn’t wait to try them out.  Trust me i had used a sinful amount of products and treatments before i got these but to no avail.

So for the past 2 weeks ive been using the Shampoo (14.95euro), Conditioner (14.95euro) & the Serum (29.95euro).   AMAZING is an understatement, yes they may be on the higher end for price but you dont need as much of the product and by now i would have easily gone through 2 bottles of my regular conditioner and i still have some left.  The Serum will last ages not even quarter way used.  My hair is much more silkier, smoother and feels much stronger.  It doesn’t have that dry frizz look about it and thankfully is not breaking anymore :-/  You can apply the Serum to wet or dry hair so i fine myself using it most days.

These are free from Parabens, Soduim Sulphate, Artificial Colours, Fragrances & Mineral Oils.

Available from really worth a purchase ladies would highly recommend xoxo


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