Lets Get Exfoliating 

I love to beat those January Blues by focusing on skin.  Having problem skin im always looking for new and different things to help my skin.  I wanted to purchase the Clarisonic as ive heard so much about it.  So before i take the big plunge for the Clarisonic i purchased this 3 point cleanser from Olay for only 35 euro from http://www.boots.ie.  I couldn’t find this instore so purchased online which was great.

Comes with 150ml Skin Perfecting Cleanser but Olay products never agreed with my skin so haven’t used it.   The Product itself comes with batteries which is great and has 2 speed settings.  I’m using it about 2 weeks now and i have noticed a huge difference in my skin.  Feels much softer and alot fewer blackheads.  It is also waterproof which is great for bringing into the shower.

These are the products i have been using with it and I LOVE THEM.  It doesn’t dry your skin like most tea tree / witchhazel products, would highly recommend.

So happy exfoliating ladies, i hope you like my first blog of 2015 xoxo


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