Lets make all things beautiful – Monday 

So today im going to talk about the Slimsonic Toothbrush.  Some of you might have spotted these in Boots or Local Pharmacy’s.  Super cute and excellent price point @ 14.95 but i did spot them recently in Boots on offer for 12.95.  Great Stocking filler or Gift this Christmas.

I received one of these complimentary (lucky me) @ Into the West Bloggers meeting i attended in the beautiful Glenlo Abbey recently.  The company is from Galway and employ 120 people  www.lifes2good.com and gave a talk at the meeting about their products.

You have probably all heard of Viviscal Hair Supplement that has taken the world by storm with Gwyneth Paltrow tweeting about how good it is and The Kardashian’s too to name just a few.  The same company also make this.

First impressions of the toothbrush i thought how cute will be a great travel toothbrush or to pop in my handbag when going out.  So having a 3 year old that likes to hide things i couldnt find my toothbrush and started using this as my regular toothbrush.  It comes with a battery and a replacement head which is really good idea.

I switched it on and there wasnt a million movements from the head just a strong vibration from it.  Honestly thought it wasnt going to be that good, but i was quickly proved wrong.  It vibrates at 20,000 pulses per minute and you can feel how clean your teeth are after it.  I had a electric toothbrush that spins around and probably looks more hi-tech than this little brush but dont under estimate how good this little guy is, I have to say i have not gone back to using my electric toothbrush since using this even after finding it in the toy room :-/ ….

So ladies to brighten up what is a cold Frosty Monday im giving away one of these Cuties, just like a share this on Facebook and the winner will be announced Friday.

Lets get liking and Sharing (sharing is caring) xoxo

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