A meeting with our very own Galway Girl Katherine Gannon before she jets off to represent Ireland in the World Super Model Pagent in Figi and star in a TV show called The Fashion Hero in Cancun.  

Yes a very busy Lady!

As we sit down for our morning cup of tea, i notice Katherine is having a Little Pea Juice.  I did a BLOG on these a few weeks ago on how good these are and she has been using these for quite a while too.  She just uses them with her everyday routine.  A great way to keep healthy on the go.

So Katherine’s first port of call is Cancun in Mexico for The Fashion Hero (check out http://www.thefashionhero.com).   A show that is about changing the industries standards on Models that not everyone has to be a size 8 or 6ft tall.  It will be aired over in America so unfortunately we wont be able to watch it here.  She was picked from 6000 girls and was previously Miss Galaxy 2012/13.  After a short trip back to Ireland she will take on her second leg of journey to Figi to represent Ireland in the World Super Model Pageant and this will be aired on Go Indi Tv (check out http://www.worldsupermodelpageant.com).

So with exciting times ahead how does a Super Model prepare herself for such a busy time.  Of course Katherine’s first comment was to eat healthy and to look after your skin. She uses Dermalogica products and always after washing her face she will pat it dry with cotton wool rather than dry it in a towel.  Her make up favorites are Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation and Powder which i have to say i use myself and love it and also uses the Estee Lauder Blush Pallet and has recently discovered Banana Power that sets foundation (i will have to go and check this out).  For her Tan she love Be Bold Tan.

Not just a pretty face Katherine has an Arts Degree in Sociology and Philosophy.

Local businesses have been very generous and supportive to Katherine.

Bellissimo, Galway Retail Park, Headford Road, Galway are looking after her Tan & Hair (www.bellissimo.ie).

Pia Boutique, 6/8 Middle Street, Galway for a selection of beautiful dresses (www.piagalway.com).

The Stock Exchange, 34 Shop Street, Galway are her official sponsor (www.thestockexchangegalway.com).

Great times ahead for Katherine i have no doubt.  A beautiful Lady and i wish her all the best xoxo


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