Benefits of using Rose Water

Containing an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties, for moisturizing dry skin.  It also offers an antiseptic and astringent properties to help acne and breakouts.  Rose water also has aromatheraphy properties that calm and soothe.  A recent study showed that Rose and Lavender Oil can help anxiety and helps balance emotions. It can be used as a face mist, toner and hair tonic to help balance skin.

I use this as a toner and as i have mentioned before i would be prone to breakouts and i find this fantastic.  I have been using this for years!  Once i have washed my face with my favorite Burts Bees facial wash.

I will then spray my face with this and cleanse with cotton wool pads.  Or when in the summer when my skin feels dry i will just use it as a face mist and leave it moisturize my skin.

I purchased mine in Evergreen Pharmacy in the Galway Shopping Centre for €7.95 but it is also available online at which is an independent Irish Aromatheraphy Oil Company.


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