Hooray Ladies look whats finally available on our shores!

For those of you that haven’t used these before, these are just simply amazing !!  There are two small strips that you put one on the your top teeth and one on your bottom teeth (they are not uncomfortable like other teeth whitening products) and leave them on while watching tv or having your shower as i do and then just take them off and rinse your teeth out with some cold water.  The results are instant!

I would recommend to continue to use the box once a day and when finished purchase another packet just to refresh your teeth.  So i would use them once or twice a month to keep my teeth nice a white.  They are available on the link below for €35.95.


I also have sensitive teeth and have used these for years and have never had a problem with sensitivity because of these.  They really are that good Ladies!

They have some other great products online check them out.

Fantastic to see these finally available in Ireland xoxo


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