Beauty comes from the inside out ……

Such a true statement and even more so when i discovered Little Pea Juices, what better way to stay healthy than these cute little bottles of 100% cold pressed freshly squeezed juice with nothing added.  Yep thats right all Natural!!

As i have mentioned before my skin can be sensitive and problematic boo hoo 😦  so a friend of mine recommended the Little Pea Cleanse and i could hopefully get to loose a few pounds in the process 🙂

So heres the plan i was set: –

– Breakfast can be one medium scrambled egg with a DEEP GREEN, throughout the morning till lunch and then you can drink GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE and LEMONGRASS (This is the fat burner juice) I like the sound of that!!

– For lunch you can have a vegetable soup or salad (no coleslaw or mayonnaise based salad)

– Throughout the afternoon you will drink a BEETROOT JUICE (beetroot detoxes the liver)

– Your evening meal can be 3 vegetables (no potatoes) and a chicken breast or a vegetable stir fry (no sauces)

– Your evening meal should be consumed 3 hours before bed time.  You can add a hot water lemon or a herbal tea at any time during the day.

– While you are doing the cleanse you cannot drink Tea or Coffee only herbal teas or hot water.

– As a result of doing the cleanse you will have more energy.  Your body will be cleansed of toxins and your will experience some weight loss.  The weight loss is different per individual 3-7 pounds is a guideline.

All i can say after doing this is WOW !  You honestly feel so good after it and i still keep up the juices with my normal everyday food as they are so good for you WHY NOT ?!

They are available on Shop Street in Galway City and Body Dynamics in Knocknacarra and also you can order from Little Pea themselves and have them delivered FRESH to your door Tel:  086 339 4224.

                                Get ordering my Beautiful Butterflies xoxo


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