So here it goes my 1st Blog !!!

So here it goes my 1st Blog!

Your probably wondering what are my Blogs going to be about …. well as it says on the tin “its all about me/you”.

Its important in this day and age we take care of ourselves in every aspect of our lives.  We all live busy fast paced lives and never until something stops us in our tracks realise just how precious life is and we need to be the best we can everyday.  Feel Confident, Be Confident and most importantly Be YOU !!!  Remember no one else is you and that whats makes you SPECIAL x 

So my blog is about all feel good things from Make-up, Skincare and Styling, things that make us feel good.  Modelling from a young age and being in the industry learned me a lot about Make Up, Styling and taking care of your Skin.  As a passionate Artist and all things Creative was a natural profession for me to start doing Make Up Artistry and Styling.   I love how you can transform yourself and how it can make you feel confident.  Taking time to do your make up and enjoy it is what i say to everyone.  

I have my 1st Fashion Show coming up in Turloughmore, Co Galway 3rd Oct with a Womans Group that have set it up and Pippa O Connor will be there.  Have to say love the Girls style and her blog also so will be nice to meet her.  Ill look forward to blogging about it. 

I wanted to keep it short and sweet to hopefully keep you interested.   Next week ill be blogging about the tricks of the trade make up wise and some new products I’ve purchased. 

Take care fellow butterflies and enjoy your weekend xoxo


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